National Manager – South Africa

Education: Bachelor degree or above
Years of service: 3-5 years
Number of recruiters: 1
Work location: South Africa/Johannesburg

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

● Regional market research, including sales channels, marketing models, competitive products, competitors’ strategies, changes in market demand and other information related to the development of regional marketing strategies;
● Formulate regional development strategy planning, channel expansion planning, distributor management strategy, promotion strategy, etc.;
● Formulate product expansion and structural adjustment strategies based on market demand, enterprise product resources, and regional marketing resource allocation to support the achievement of sales targets;
● Formulate and implement short-, medium-, and long-term sales plans, expense budgets, and profit plans in the region, and rationally allocate and decompose goals according to product lines and timelines;
● Manage the channels in the region to achieve sales targets;
● Fill in the sales daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reports to ensure the realization of the process goals;
● Assist the relevant departments of the headquarters to complete product registration and listing in the region;
● According to business needs, rationally organize personnel and establish a regional management system and division of labor system;
● Establish, improve and implement the sales management system in the region to ensure the implementation of the company’s sales policies;
● Accomplish any other tasks assigned by the superior.

Qualifications/Requirements: (Education / Experience / Competencies)

● Bachelor degree or above, pharmaceutical preparation, pharmacy, marketing and other related majors;
● Experience in sales management is preferred;
● At least 5 years working experience in the pharmaceutical industry and at least 3 years working experience in the same position;
● Familiar with pharmacies, chain pharmacies, TCM stores, sales channels and sales expansion;
● Have strong communication ability with customers, be able to work independently, and have strong executive power.