Overseas Marketing Director

Education: Bachelor degree or above
Years of service: 5 years or more
Number of recruiters: 1
Work location: China/Shijiazhuang

Key Accountabilities/Responsibilities:

● Be fully responsible for overseas market analysis, assist the company in formulating overseas market development strategies and market sales targets;
● Research the target market, analyze the market capacity, channels, resources, competing products and consumption habits of similar products, and form a research report
● According to the market strategy and regional local market conditions, plan marketing themes, promotion strategies, etc., and form a marketing plan;
● Formulate online and offline promotion plans, promote and supervise the implementation of channel promotion plans, and evaluate the effect of periodic promotion activities;
● According to the brand development plan, plan and design the terminal image, organize the inspection of the terminal image maintenance results; provide detailed guidance for the terminal team;
● Undertake the budget management of the marketing department, formulate a plan for the use of expenses in the marketing department, and effectively control the expenditure of marketing expenses;
● Organize the packaging design work of the company’s own brand products and the advertising design work for external publicity.

Qualifications/Requirements: (Education / Experience / Competencies)

● Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmacy, marketing, international economics and trade;
● Have 5 years or more of management experience in the international market of pharmaceuticals and health care products in the same position, have high sensitivity to the international market, and understand user needs;
● Possess excellent market analysis ability, market planning ability, marketing management ideas, and result-oriented talents;
● Proficient in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English, can use proficient English to draft training materials and conduct on-site training in English;
● Can adapt to overseas business trips;
● Work location: Shijiazhuang, Beijing.