Regional Head – Southeast Asia

Education: Bachelor degree or above
Years of service: 5-8 years
Number of recruiters: 1
Work location: Southeast Asia/Thailand.etc

Job Responsibility:

1. Comprehensively coordinating sales and operation management in the relevent region;
2. Strategic planning and implementation- formulating regional development strategy planning, channel expansion planning, agent management strategy, promotion strategy, etc.;
3. Market planning and implementation- Developing product expansion and structural adjustment strategies according to market demand, product resources and regional marketing resources allocation to support the achievement of sales targets;
4. Developing and implementation short-term, medium-term and long-term sales plans, expense budgets and profit plans within the region, to distribute and decompose targets according to product lines and time lines;
5. Establishing and implementation regional sales management system to ensure the execution of company sales policy;
6. Team management – team building, training, performance management, team rewards, staff career planning;
7. Finance management- develop regional risk forecast and cost control plans to meet local compliance.


1. Experience in overseas sales and operation management, familiar with sales channels and sales development of pharmaceutical markets in relevent region, such as pharmacies, chain pharmacies and pharmaceutical agents;
2. At least 8 years working experience in pharmaceutical industry, at least 3 years working experience in similar position;
3. Bachelor degree or above, major in pharmaceutical preparation, pharmacy, marketing or related;
4. English can be used as working languages and fluent mandarin skills are preferred;
5. Strong overall planning ability, anti-pressure ability and execution ability.