Ambassador of ROK Paid a Gratitude Visit to Yiling Pharma

On March 21, Chung Jae-ho, Ambassador of Republic of Korea to China, and the delegation, made a special visit to Shijiazhuang Yiling Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. during the investigation in Hebei Province, and exchanged views with the accompanying persons on the medical and health cooperation between China and Republic of Korea.

Chung Jae-ho presented a silk banner to Yiling Pharmaceutical, showing gratitude to Yiling Pharmaceutical for its contribution to the world and assistance to Koreans in China during the global pandemic of COVID-19.

▲Chung Jae-ho, Ambassador of Republic of Korea (right) is presenting a silk banner to Zhang Yunling, Executive Deputy General Manager of Yiling Pharmaceutical.

“Friends don’t care how far apart they are, and they can be good neighbors even if they are miles apart”, said by Chung Jae-ho. During the global pandemic of COVID-19, especially when the medical supplies were in severe shortage, Yiling Pharmaceutical made Lianhua Qingwen available to Koreans in China via the Overseas Korean Association in Shijiazhuang, and also donated a group of Lianhua Qingwen directly to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China. Chung Jae-ho took this opportunity to express gratitude to Yiling Pharmaceutical.

▲Chung Jae-ho, Ambassador of Republic of Korea to China (fourth from the left), visited Yiling Pharmaceutical accompanied by Liu Yuan, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Hebei Province, P.R. China (fourth from the right), Liang Kun, Deputy Mayor of Shijiazhuang (third from the left), Quan Hui, Director of Foreign Affairs Office of Shijiazhuang Municipal Government (second from the left) and other people.

Chung Jae-ho expressed that it was the first visit to a pharmaceutical company in his life. “I am deeply touched by the exploration and achievements of the integration of TCM and Western medicine”, said by Chung Jae-ho. Academician Wu Yiling has systematically constructed a theory of collateral diseases, and the Tongxinluo Capsules developed under the guidance of this theory have also been well-known in Republic of Korea because of the definite efficacy for cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. Republic of Korea has always attached great importance to the development of the biomedical industry. Chung Jae-ho expressed that he hopes to obtain more cooperation opportunities with Yiling Pharmaceutical and other leading pharmaceutical companies in China after this visit.