May 10 Yiling Day Gathers Brand Power, Innovation Boosts and Leads New Consumption

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Yiling Day: Win-win Cooperation and Sci-tech Innovation for Human Health

During the “May 10 Yiling Day” with the theme of “Yiling Quality, Healthy Tomorrow”, Yiling Pharmaceutical cooperated with pharmaceutical retailers and circulation enterprises to gather superior resources such as academic brands and product brands, and carry out innovative consumption service modes such as brand activities and popular science live streaming in tens of thousands of chain pharmacies in nearly 100 cities, in an effort to comprehensively enhance the popularity and reputation of enterprise products and cooperative chain brands.

Medical experts conveyed health knowledge in popular science living streaming. Yiling Pharmaceutical has built an academic and clinical research platform for collateral disease theory, and established a high-level national expert team of traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine as well as combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine. These experts who specialize in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes and other diseases have been in the clinical front line for many years, mastering the diseases and understanding patients’ needs. They gave popular science lectures online, gaining popularity with consumers. In the meantime, the communication platform built by, Tencent Health, etc., covered widely. Online education teamed up with chain pharmacies, enabling chain members to acquire health knowledge and continuously improving their own health management level.

Public welfare detection of chronic diseases extended care for patients with chronic diseases. It has always been the responsibility of pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmaceutical retailers to care for patients with chronic diseases and master their physical condition in time. To this end, Yiling Pharmaceutical has joined hands with chain pharmacies to provide services such as blood pressure, blood glucose and carotid plaque detection for patients with chronic diseases, and advocate early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment for middle-aged and elderly patients with chronic diseases.

“May 10 Yiling Day” gathered the power of Chinese brands and integrated online and offline resources to provide consumers with healthier and more considerate products and services with innovative ideas, contributing to the domestic and international circulation of Chinese medicine and building up an international brand of Chinese medicine.