Traditional Chinese Medicine Lianhua Qingwen Attracted Eyes in the Annual National Conference of Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria

Recently, the 95th National Annual Conference of the Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria was held in Jos, capital of Plateau State. The theme of the Conference in this year was “Medicine Security in an Unstable Economy”, and more than 3,000 doctors and experts attended the event offline and online. Also attending the event was international and local well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers and brand chain pharmacies. The Conference provided a good opportunity for attendees to show their innovative and unique products and health ideas.

Yiling Pharmaceutical, an innovative TCM enterprise, participated in this event, becoming the first such enterprise to attend this event for the first time, and triggered a hot discussion on TCM. As a star drug of Yiling Pharmaceutical for colds, flu, and Covid-19, Lianhua Qingwen had its debut show at the event and aroused extensive interest. Lianhua Qingwen was officially approved for market access in Nigeria in May this year.

As a representative drug for the treatment of infectious diseases caused by respiratory viruses, Lianhua Qingwen has been listed in the diagnosis and treatment protocols and guidelines for infectious public health events such as Influenza A, Influenza B and COVID-19 issued by China National Health Commission and China National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine for more than 30 times, and has shown unique value in the worldwide Covid-19 prevention and control. In Kuwait and Mongolia, Lianhua Qingwen has been approved for COVID-19 indications; in Thailand and Cambodia, it has been allowed for use in designated hospitals for COVID-19 for the treatment of local patients; in July 2021, Lianhua Qingwen was selected into the domiciliary treatment plan for patients with mild COVID-19 symptoms issued by the Ministry of Health of Cambodia.

News shows that Nigeria is the 8th country in Africa to grant market access to Lianhua Qingwen. With a gross domestic product (GDP) of USD 432.3 billion and a population of over 200 million, Nigeria is the largest economy and the most populous country in Africa and it is also the headquarters of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

As of now, Lianhua Qingwen has been granted registration approvals or entrance licenses in nearly 30 countries and regions such as Canada, Thailand, and Singapore.