Formula Granules

646 Kinds of Formula Granules: Process geo-authentic Chinese herbal materials according to traditional formulas, and restore the standards for traditional decoctions

● With selected high-quality geo-authentic Chinese herbal materials as the raw materials, TCM formula granules are processed according to traditional formulas and made in accordance with traditional decoctions, so their quality is guaranteed.
● With the international standard quality control system, TCM formula granules are produced via the extraction, concentration, drying, granulation and other processes, so as to improve their effective ingredients and maintain their stable efficacy.
● All products are stable and uniform, safe and effective, convenient and fast, and economically effective.

646 Kinds of Formula Granules: Geo-authentic Chinese herbal materials


646 Kinds of Formula Granules: Standard process flow for the perfect reproduction of the traditional decocting process with water

Strict quality standards have been formulated from the aspects of medicinal materials origin, production process, and risk prevention and control.

Stable dose-effect transfer chain
Medicinal materials
Prepared herbal slices
Finished product
Each of all kinds of medicinal materials has been identified via more than 15 batches in terms of place of production and origin. They are geo-authentic medical materials, and their quality is guaranteed from the source. The overall control method of the active ingredients of formula granules was enhanced, fingerprint and feature spectrums were developed for varieties with basically clear active ingredients, and the application of the detection technologies for Chinese herbal medical ingredients in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) standards was controlled overall, so the differences between different batches of formula particles are fundamentally controlled, and uniform in the same batch and stability between batches are realized, ensuring the clinical effect of formula particles.


CNAS Laboratory issued the test report. Such accreditation has gained recognition in more than 60 countries and regions, including the EU and the Asia-Pacific region, and boasts international credibility.

In 2017, Yiling Pharmaceutical obtained the accreditation certificate from CNAS, with the accreditation scope covering 95 capability parameters in the 4 major testing fields of medicine, food, health food and environmental monitoring. Such accreditation certificate is internationally mutually recognized by 149 accredited bodies from 129 economies.