Summit Forum on Collateral Disease Held in Shijiazhuang, China

On July 6, the Summit Forum on Research and Innovation Transformation on TCM Collateral Disease was held in Yiling Pharmaceutical, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, China. Academicians Zhang Boli, Wu Yiling, as well as renowned experts and scholars gathered together to have carried on in-depth exchanges on the important achievements made in the inheritance, innovation, and transformation of the Collateral Disease Theory.

Patent TCM Products

On the Forum, Academician Zhang Boli pointed out that the Collateral Disease Theory is an important achievement in the modern research of TCM. Under the guidance of the Collateral Disease Theory, collateral-dredging drugs have been developed, and a series of strict evidence-based medicine trials have been conducted, proving the drugs’ excellent curative effects.

A total of 13 innovative patented Chinese medicines have been developed by Yiling Pharmaceutical, covering six major diseases fields of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, respiratory diseases, tumors, neurological diseases, and urological diseases. Hundreds of millions of people benefit every year.

Since the outbreak of the Covid-19, Lianhua Qingwen has played an important role in the pandemic prevention and control worldwide. Up to present, it has obtained registration approvals from nearly 30 countries and regions worldwide, and the registration applications are underway in more than 30 countries. It has been approved for the indications of COVID-19 in Kuwait, Mongolia and Laos; selected for the white list of anti-epidemic drugs issued by the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan; approved into the designated hospitals for COVID-19 in Thailand and Cambodia, and selected for the home treatment protocol for patients with mild COVID-19 by the Ministry of Health of Cambodia, which is the first time for Chinese drugs to be selected for the treatment protocol of COVID-19 in overseas countries.

Other products like Tongxinluo Capsules and Yangzheng Xiaoji Capsules etc. have also been registered and on sale in South Korea, Vietnam, Canada, Singapore, and Indonesia. Tongxinluo Capsules has entered the national medical insurance catalog of Vietnam.

Patent TCM Products

Notably, the establishment ceremony of the Anti-Aging Center of the State Key Laboratory of Research on Collateral Diseases and Innovative TCM was also held. With the most advanced anti-aging equipment in the world, this Center has conducted a series of comprehensive trials on the anti-aging drug Bazi Bushen Capsules developed by Yiling Pharmaceutical, which has been proved to have protruding efficacy on overall aging, systemic aging, and aging-related diseases.