The 19th International Congress on Luobing Theory held in Beijing

In order to share the transformation of innovative achievements of TCM theory of collateraldiseases, seek for high-quality development of TCM, and jointly discuss the significance of the modernization of TCM, the 19th International Congress on Luobing Theory, co-sponsored by the China Association of Chinese Medicine, the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, the Chinese Geriatrics Society and the China Rural Health Association, was held in Beijing on February 25.

Yu Wenming, Director of the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gao Zhanjun, Director of the Third Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, nearly 20 academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering including Zhang Boli, Liu Peide, Liu Yao, Zhang Yun, Hao Xishan, Chen Zhinan, Ding Jian, Wu Yiling, Cong Bin, Yu Jinming, Jia Weiping, and more than 100,000 medical experts and scholars from home and abroad, gathered at site and virtually to jointly discuss how the theory of collateral diseases can be innovated and transformed to serve human health.

▲Main Venue of the 19th International Congress on Luobing Theory

At the opening ceremony, the launching ceremony of the third phase of the project of “Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases (Collateral Diseases) in China” and the renewal ceremony of Yiling Special Fund for Physician Health of Chinese Medical Doctor Association were staged.

▲Launching Ceremony of the Third Phase of the Project of “Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Diseases (Collateral Diseases) in China”

▲Renewal Ceremony of Yiling Special Fund for Physician Health of Chinese Medical Doctor Association

As increasing experts and scholars in the industry have a rich interest in the research on the theory of collateral diseases, an upsurge of such research has been set off internationally, with a large number of in-depth scientific research rolled out, and fruitful achievements achieved in the transformation of innovative achievements in theory of collateral diseases. At the Summit Forum on Transformation of Innovative Achievements in Theory of Collateral Diseases, academicians Wu Yiling, Yu Jinming, Zhang Yun and Jia Weiping of CAE issued academic reports respectively entitled Construction and Transformation of Innovative Achievements of the Theoretical System of Collateral Diseases – Research on Anti-aging of Bazi Bushen Capsule under the Guidance of theTheory of Qi and Collateral, New Practice of Precision Oncology, New Evidence of CAPITAL Traditional Chinese Medicine against Atherosclerosis, and Research on Abnormal Blood Glucose Fluctuations and Intervention with Jinlida Granules, and performed in-depth exchanges on the transformation of innovation achievements of the theory of collateral diseases and the value of the theory in prevention and treatment of multiple diseases.

Professor Yang Yuejin of Fuwai Hospital, CAMS&PUMC, Professor Huang Congxin of Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University, Professor Li Xinli of the First Affiliated Hospital with Nanjing Medical University, Professor Dong Qiang of Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, and Professor Jia Zhenhua of Hebei Institute of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine released valuable academic reports respectively, discussing the effects of collaterals drugs on major diseases such as myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, chronic heart failure, cerebral infarction and other cardio-cerebrovascular diseases and respiratory system diseases.

More than ten sub-forums were arranged, including Atherosclerosis and Coronary Heart Disease Forum, Cerebrovascular Disease Forum, Arrhythmia Forum, Heart Failure Forum, Diabetes Forum, Respiratory Forum, Anti-aging Forum, Prostate Forum, Medical and Health Development Forum, Tumor Forum, Grassroots Health Service Capacity Improvement Forum, and Mental Nerve Forum. Academicians and medical experts presented heated discussions on how the theory of collateral diseases can serve public health in various disease fields.

Based on more than 40 years of research, Academician Wu Yiling has systematically constructed the theory of collateral diseases with the theoretical frameworks of “Syndrome and Treatment of Collateral Diseases”, “Theory of Meridians and Collaterals” and “Qi Collateral Theory” by combining the holistic thinking and modern technologies, and developed a systematic theory to guide clinically difficult and miscellaneous diseases, collaterals-vascular system disease and neurological, endocrine and immune diseases, which is a major theoretical innovation. The new model of academic innovation and transformation of TCM integrating “theory + clinical + new drugs + experiment +evidence-based” has led the way for the inheritance and innovation of TCM.

The Congress held annually stands as an academic event for experts and scholars at home and abroad to exchange ideas and discuss the frontier progress and hot topics in the field of TCM collateral diseases, and a critical platform for the exchange of transformation of innovative achievements of TCM. The theory of collateral diseases of TCM combined with modern science and technology, the transformation of a series of transformation of innovative achievements has boosted the high-quality development of the modernization of TCM, and will certainly help make new and greater contributions to human health.

There were over 3,000 video sub-venues in 28 provinces and cities in China, and over 500 sub-venues in more than 30 countries and regions abroad.