Lianhua Classic Herbal Tea

Good place of origin, good technology, ingenious production, and healthy tea

[Function] Clear heat and moisten intestines, nourish skin and anti-aging, reduce blood fat and enhance immunity
[Applicable to] People who often suffer from internal heat and endocrine disorders; people who pay attention to prevention and delay of aging; people with habitual constipation, high blood fat and obesity, or low immunity.
[Specification] 50g / can * 3 Forsythia Suspensa Leaf Tea + 30g / can lonicerae japonicae flos
[Main ingredients] Forsythia Suspensa Leaf and lonicerae japonicae flos.
[Usage and dosage] Take one bag at a time and pour it into a cup, add boiling water to make it about 150ml (increase or decrease the amount of water according to the preference of consumers), and then drink it.


● Thousand-fold concentration: Only 1 drop of seed oil can be obtained from 1,000 mature seeds of Semen Ziziphi Spinosae.
● Both for drug and food: It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Long-term use is good health and does not cause dependence.
● Classic famous prescription: Improving sleep with Semen Ziziphi Spinosae has a long history.
● Selected raw materials: Geo-genuine place of origin, wild raw materials, several screening procedures.
● Modern technology: Processed after being fried to yellow and pressed in ancient way for improving drug properties
● Soft capsule: Easy to absorb and carry .