Lianhua Disposable Protective Mask

High standard production for pharmaceuticals, comfortable, breathable and free of stimulation!

Product Notes: Protective Mask for Adults
● Specification: (10 pieces * 5 bags) * 8 boxes, 10 pieces / bag * 100 bags
● Product Notes: Protective Mask for Children


[Function] Filter out pollen, catkins, bacteria, and particles, and block the exhalation or emission of pollutants from the nose or mouth
[Applicable to] People who need protect respiratory safety and prevent infection in an outdoor or harsh external environment
[Specification] (10 pieces * 5 bags) * 8 boxes
[Production conditions]
Automatic production in a closed standard workshop makes each mask more hygienic.


● Three layers of protection: the outer layer of non-woven fabric can effectively block coughing and sneezing droplets; the middle layer of melt blown fabric can filter bacteria and oily particles in the air; the inner layer of non-woven fabric is soft and skin friendly.
● Particulate matter filtration efficiency ≥ 80%.
● Ventilation resistance ≤ 49 Pa/cm².
● No aromatic amine dye is used.