Yiling Chunganbao Plant Drink

A healthy drinking partner for dispelling the effects of alcohol and protecting liver!

[Function] Dispel the effects of alcohol and protect liver
[Target User] Wine drinkers for business entertainment, and gatherings with relatives and friends
[Specification] (350ml * 12 cans) * 2 boxes / Concentrated Drink



● The main ingredients are extracted from selected traditional Chinese herbs with homology of medicine and food such as Pueraria, hawthorn, black plum, chrysanthemum, Imperata root (clearing heat and generating fluid / inducing diuresis for treating strangurtia), and Hovenia (dispelling the effects of alcohol and calming mind / relieving thirst and relieving restlessness).
● The product is of safe and scientific herbal formula, and sweet and sour taste.
● The product is sugar-free Drink suitable for patients with diabetics.