Lianhua Herbal Air Bacteriostatic Gel

Good air sterilizing products
with triple purifying functions!
[Function] Purify space, sterilize surface, remove odor and formaldehyde
[Specification] 100g / box * 50 boxes


● “Lianhua” plant essential oil and volatilizable herbal aromatic bacteriostatic ingredients are especially added to provide safer and more effective bacteriostasis. At the same time, products can also calm mind and effectively relieve anxiety and psychological pressure.
● Products are researched and developed jointly by Tianjin Research Institute for Advanced Equipment, Tsinghua University and Yiling Health, and superior quality is ensured by such strong cooperation.
● With the slow-release chlorine dioxide (S-RCD) technology, Lianhua air sterilizing gel products can achieve effective space bacteriostasis and purification effect for successive 45-60 days, and are cutting-edge among the current air disinfecting products.
● Adopt solid-liquid separation and non-contact mixing to realize space purification and bacteriostasis within 15 minutes.