Lianhua Refreshing / Probiotics Plus Toothpaste

Dual cleaning with traditional Chinese herb and Probiotics
Healthier teeth from usage in the morning and at night!
[Function] Provide anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic effects with traditional Chinese herbs and balance oral environment
[Specification] 140g * 36 tubes / box
[Usage] Use Lianhua Refreshing Toothpaste in the morning, to fresh mouth, improve teeth, and solve periodontal problems
Use Lianhua Probiotics Plus Toothpaste at night to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth


Refreshing Toothpaste is specially added with the extracts from eight kinds of traditional Chinese herbs including Forsythia suspensa fruit, honeysuckle, and Rhodiola rosea, for clearing heat and detoxification, anti-bactera and hemostasis, detumescence and pain relief.
Probiotics Plus toothpaste specially adds probiotics and prebiotics to balance oral flora and improve oral environment.
Products can reduce dental plaque, prevent dental calculus, strengthen gums, nourish gums, inhibit bacteria, and diminish inflammation.